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Dec 17, 2022

The Interfaith Roundtable is sponsored by The Andrew K. Coffman Funeral Home.

This week the first half of the show is dedicated to covering the Unity Church. Rabbi Mark is joined by founding pioneer of the Unity of Hagerstown Maryland Church, Reverend Sandy Boyer . Reverend Sandy unpacks the founding of the Unity Church and how it finds its origins in the New Thought movement. Sandy, herself, speaks on how she found the Unity Church after feeling unfulfilled being raised in a fundamental Christian household. She closes by speaking on The Season of Nonviolence which is a movement founded by the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Arun Manilal Gandhi.
In the second half of the show Rabbi Mark outlines his personal Jewish belief with his wife Elizabeth. He covers the foundation of Judaism such as convenient, mitzvah (or good deeds), and loving your neighbor as yourself. He unpacks who God is as well as Jewish holidays like the upcoming holiday Hanukkah. Rabbi Mark keeps it fun as well as informative and closes the show with a Hebrew song about praying for peace.
You can find out more information about the Hagerstown Area Religious Council at

Listen to The Interfaith Roundtable with Rabbi Mark every Saturday morning on 98.9 FM/ AM 1490 WARK, with the podcast version airing at Listen Hagerstown.