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Our goal is to bring local stories, voices, and personalities together to create a podcast community — podcasts from health to gaming to gardening and fishing. We are a resource for local podcasters to grow and for new podcasts to find their footing.

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Apr 21, 2023

First Rabbi Mark is joined by fellow Listen Frederick host Brian Donahue. Brian hosts The Big Sci-Fi Podcast, the Brian Donahue Show Podcast, as well as faith based podcasts. Brian also is a Minister at the Pursuit Friends Church in Northeast Ohio. Rabbi Mark and Brian talk about the intersection of his passions and podcasts. He unpacks his church motto Pray, Love, Live on Mission. The phrase was derived from the great commission where Jesus called his followers to reach out to others that need God. Finally they discuss the importance of faith when it comes to believing in the accuracy and infallibility of Scriptures.
Jane Powell works with the Literacy Council of Washington County. The council offers language classes to a large range of adults who need help with their literacy. She works with adults helping them in reading, writing and math with both native English speakers and with non-native speakers. Jane discusses what lead up to joining the Literary Council. What seemed to be her under qualified, second choice in the Literary Council quickly became her life.
Many students found the Literacy Center through the local community college who recommends their services to students who fail to meet the literacy requirements to under college. Jane covers the possibility of a stigma around illiteracy and why/how these notions should be dispelled. Jane shares that the  literacy program doesn't just stop within the building but Powell reaches out to schools as well as prisons.
You can find out more information about the Hagerstown Area Religious Council at

Listen to The Interfaith Roundtable with Rabbi Mark every Saturday morning on 98.9 FM/ AM 1490 WARK, with the podcast version airing at Listen Hagerstown.