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Jan 11, 2023

The Interfaith Roundtable is sponsored by The Andrew K. Coffman Funeral Home and F&M Trust.

In the first half of this week's show Rabbi Mark muses on why he started the show and explains how we can use our gifts for not only our benefit but ultimately God's purpose. He then goes into the Jewish teaching of Kabbalah and how many misunderstand the mystic Jewish discipline. Rabbi Mark then takes us through a meditative exercise to practice mindfulness to show us an example of Kabbalist meditation. 

In the second half Rabbi Mark is joined by Pastor Steve Humphrey. Pastor Humphrey is head Pastor Otterbein United Methodist Church. John Wesley and the origins of the Methodist Movement are discussed. He explains how the Methodist movement not only seeks personal transformation but also transformation on a societal level. One of the final topics they cover is what Pastor Humphrey describes as the decline of mainstream religion and  the rise of religious extremist as well as how politics are intercepting and co-oping religious teachings.