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Listen Frederick is a curated network of local podcasts produced in and focused on the Frederick area.

Our goal is to bring local stories, voices, and personalities together to create a podcast community — podcasts from health to gaming to gardening and fishing. We are a resource for local podcasters to grow and for new podcasts to find their footing.

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Apr 26, 2024

Bonus episode!

This week, Chris talks about Fallout while playing Fallout!

How did you guys enjoy the show? Did it live up to your expectations?

Let us know!

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Intro: Alec McCann "Not So Super Dudes"

Outro: 0mnis "Hunger Pains"

Apr 26, 2024

This week, Jordan talks about one of his most recent finds: Creature From The Black Lagoon LIVES!

Years after the events of the original film, journalist Kate Marsden hunts for a notorious serial killer in the heart of the Amazon. Hot on the trail of this madman, she soon encounters an unexpected new threat—but is it...