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Nov 24, 2020

In this episode, Sando and Sarah had the pleasure of chatting with and getting to know Shana Knight, the founder of SOUL Street. ICYDK, SOUL Street is a collective of Black business owners and community members who have come together to empower the Black community through events, outreach, advocacy and education. 

Inspired by a post she saw on Facebook and pushed by the events of 2020, Shana set out to create SOUL Street to help bring attention to and help support the creative and entreprenurial members of Frederick's Black community. She was met with immediate support and together with the SOUL Street team has hosted two successful markets, is about to host a virtual black friday event and has big plans for 2021. 

Shana is down-to-earth, passionate and really in-tune with what fills her cup. In addition to sharing about SOUL Street, Shana talks about her love of vision boards and we get her to talk about the vision board ritual she uses for the New Year. 

We get a little raw about our unique experiences of 2020, Shana discovers hygge while we're chatting and Sarah predicts the next winter food trend. 

Snuggle up with something to sip on or plug in those headphones and head out on a walk, however you choose to enjoy this conversation, we know you'll enjoy it. 

RSVP for the SOUL Street Virtual Black Friday event here

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