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Listen Frederick is a curated network of local podcasts produced in and focused on the Frederick area.

Our goal is to bring local stories, voices, and personalities together to create a podcast community — podcasts from health to gaming to gardening and fishing. We are a resource for local podcasters to grow and for new podcasts to find their footing.

Listen Frederick Show(s) Available

Dec 06, 2023

Chip Stetson returns once more to tell us of his most recent adventures out west, as well as a plethora of other things. Sit back and enjoy the verbal rollercoaster of subjects. 

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Nov 09, 2023

Lon Strickler is an investigator. Recently he talked with a couple who had a Dwayyo encounter near Hagerstown MD in August of 2023. I share his findings with you. Go check out his site:

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Nov 02, 2023

November is here and it starts with All Saints Day, so I decided to look at 5 obscure Saints with some crazy stories about them. So sit back and lets look at my favorite 5 lesser known saints. 

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Oct 25, 2023

Once again, I give AI a prompt to write a story. This time a Ghost story that takes place on Halloween. Let's see where it takes us. 

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Oct 18, 2023

This week I pit ChatGPT against Canva and prompt the two "AI" sites to write a one act play With Dracula, The Wolfman and Frankenstein. Whose play is better, why would I do this? Let's Find out. 

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