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Our goal is to bring local stories, voices, and personalities together to create a podcast community — podcasts from health to gaming to gardening and fishing. We are a resource for local podcasters to grow and for new podcasts to find their footing.

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Mar 21, 2023

Being an artist has absolutely nothing to do with our guests this week on the Steeples and Peoples podcast. In fact the less artistic you are the more inclined you will be to find DreamFREEArt a place of tranquility. We talk with Tina Harper who is the founder and chief “Rembrandt” when it comes to this interesting and judgment free experience. Tina shares exactly why she opened DreamFREEArts and how it has been instrumental in her own personal therapy since the pandemic. She discusses the types of events she holds including date nights and Partner Swapping Art. She feels us in and on who she collaborates with and how you can have a birthday party or a team building activity. Bob Ross holds nothing on DreamFREEArt so get ready to make your Happy Little Mistakes to take home and enjoy your fruits of frustrations. 


Address: 5104 Pegasus Ct Suite B Frederick, MD 21704 (240) 397-6920


Hours of Operation: Monday — CLOSED Tuesday — Thursday 11am — 8pm Friday — Saturday 11am — 8pm  Sunday 12pm - 6pm




TikTok: @dreamfreeart 




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