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Aug 09, 2023

The first half of the today's episode Rabi Mark shares the origins of his faith and how he found his spirituality in Judaism. He speaks on how science and religion aren't necessarily in conflict. We see that science speaks to the how but religion speaks to the why. Rabi Mark gives a thorough break down of the history of the faith and some of their practices. Well known figures of the faith like Moses and Abraham are discussed and insight is given to how they guided and affected the religion. 

The second half focuses on the Muslim faith. Mark is joined by the president of the Islamic Center of Hagerstown Basheer Azizi. Their focus is at the Center is on connecting the local community and to give people a place to practice the faith. Azizi speaks on what it looks like to serve as a Muslim in Hagerstown and how that has changed over the decades. He explains how his faith has given a purpose in his life and how growing up during 9-11 shaped his adult life. Mark and Basheer break stereotypes within Islam and Judaism as well as speaking on the extremists in both of their groups.