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Listen Frederick is a curated network of local podcasts produced in and focused on the Frederick area.

Our goal is to bring local stories, voices, and personalities together to create a podcast community — podcasts from health to gaming to gardening and fishing. We are a resource for local podcasters to grow and for new podcasts to find their footing.

Listen Frederick Show(s) Available

Jun 26, 2023

This 5 piece band will get your groove going with all your favorites from the 90’s and 2000’s. Dane, Lawren, Mark, Sawyer and Merrick. Each member bringing their individuality but thriving in this musical environment. There will surely be something for everyone to enjoy – I promise you!

Jun 19, 2023

Meet the Indie Pop band Enslow with Maggie, Josh and Adam. Their music (covers + originals) transcend the decades and will have you jumping up to dance all evening long.

Find them on:

Jun 12, 2023

This band is the perfect example of why this podcast was started – you can’t pigeon-hole a band like Kev Bev into a 2-word descriptor. Speaking with Kev and Candy (originally from Frederick County) – you’ll understand how this 11-piece band has crowds engaged and entertained. Find out where the name “Kev...

Jun 05, 2023

Join us on a musical journey with the Dixie Power Trio, a band that defies genres and blurs the lines between dixieland, rock and roll, zydeco, jazz, and blues. From their humble beginnings in a basement in Fredericksburg, VA, back in 1992, the trio of Andy Kochenour, Zack Smith, and Bert Carlson set out to create a...